AUSTRALIAN OPALS - beautifully crafted by mother earth

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  • What is a Bouler Opal Bolo Tie?

    11th May 2022

    What is a Bouler Opal Bolo Tie?

    What is a Boulder Opal Bolo Tie? A bolo tie is a type of leather braided cord with metal tips…

    Posted by Therese Evert

  • Australian Opal Festivals 2022

    19th Apr 2022

    Australian Opal Festivals 2022

    The Eastern States opal festival season kicks off in Winton this year with the WINTON OPAL FESTIV…

    Posted by Therese Evert

Why Australian Opals are so Popular

Australian opals are a worldwide wonder. Their sheer beauty and uniqueness make them one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. The dazzling diamond sparkle and pearl-like iridescence can only make one truly appreciate their place in high street fashion and jewellery stores. Wearing Australian opals, you truly are one in a million.