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Opal classification and care

A solid Boulder Opal is a natural stone that has been cut and polished as a whole unit.

A polytop is a solid opal with a polymer seal.

A doublet is a double layer that sees a thin slice of opal fixed to a backing. Doublets usually have a plastic back and are made from black and white opals. That said, doublets can be made using ironstone. The easiest way to tell if a stone is a solid, or a doublet, is to study the junction where the opal and rock meet. If the join is straight (neat) and the opal layer thin then, in all likelihood, you are looking at a doublet. That same join, in a solid opal, will present as irregular (less than precise). In nature, when the opal and rock marry the join where they meet is irregular and hence on close inspection one sees undulations, inclusions and imperfections at the junction, indicating the union is natural or solid.

A triplet is a triple layer that sees a very thin slice of opal fixed to a plastic back and capped with a clear quartz dome. Triplets are made from black and white opal. Boulder Opal is not used to make triplets.

Opal Care: A solid opal is a rare and precious gemstone. A solid opal can be worn in water. A solid opal may break if it is dropped on a hard surface like tiles. Avoid exposure to excessive heat. Avoid placing items on top of the opal when being stored. Opal is more suited to dress wear rather than everyday wear. Wipe with a soft cloth, wear and enjoy!

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