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Opal Festivals/Opal Show Dates 2020

10th National Opal Symposium

Coober Pedy, April 8 – April 9, 2020

An event that only takes place every two years where industry people come together to share ideas and create a 20/20 vision for the opal industry.

For more information go to:


Coober Pedy Opal Festival

June 19 – June 21


Winton Opal Festival

July 10 – July 11


Competitions run in conjunction with show: ‘Queen of Gems’ Design Award

For more information go to: https://www.qboa.com.au/design-awards/about-the-queen-of-gems-design-awards/

Yowah Opal Festival

Dates to be confirmed.

Lighting Ridge Opal Festival

July 29 – August 1


Competitions run in conjunction with show: International Opal Jewellery Design Award

For entry more information and entry form go to https://iojdaa.com.au/

Australian Opal Exhibition on the Gold Coast

August 6 – 7, 2020


Map Of Australia Showing Major Road Networks

General Information:

The Australian opal shows and festivals are held in the winter months which is a great time to visit the outback. While all the major opal towns are some distance from the coast they are easily accessed by car, bus, train and air. All roads to the towns are sealed however roads to the mines are usually gravel and therefore more suited to four-wheel drive vehicles.

All the Australian opal shows and festivals have programmes that include, exhibitions, dinners, balls and competition judging events.

If visiting one or more of the opal shows plan ahead if you need accommodation. Hotel/motel accommodation is limited however camping is always an option.

For more information go to the local tourists bodies to learn more.Opal Festivals and Opal Show Dates 2020 - Opal National Gemstone Of Australia

The opal shows that are held in the outback are family friendly and side tours are available to learn more about opal mining and the industry.

Coober Pedy is famous for its underground living and there are tours that explore this unique aspect of the town.

Winton is famous for dinosaurs as well as opal.

The Waltzing Matilda Visitors Centre is a must see when in Winton as well as the Age of Dinosaurs Museum and Lark Quarry.

Opalton a historical mining area is a two-hour road trip from Winton where camping is available at the bush camp. Read more on Opalton in previous blog.

Lighting Ridge is a historical town and there are many interesting tours available to underground mines and museums.

The Gold Coast is without a doubt a great destination for a holiday so if you’re thinking about attending the Australian Opal Exhibition August 6-7 make sure you set aside a few more days to relax and enjoy the iconic beaches on the Gold Coast.

Celebrate opal in 2020 by visiting one or all the opal shows and festivals.

Check out from our blog for the details of 2020 opal festivals and opal shows travel guide.


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