About Opals

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The Scenic Range

We launched the Scenic Range in the year 2000 and since then we have sold literally thousands of pieces.
The jewellery in the Scenic Range is cut from the picture stone/scenic grade (see the table on the “Valuing Opal” page).

When we cut for the Scenic Range we try to capture the natural artistic features evident in the opal/rock combination. We do this by being conservative in our approach leaving as much of the opal as possible intact and using the rock to create size and contrast.

In light of this, shape is a defining feature of the jewellery in the Scenic Range. Shape is determined by the opal with an emphasis placed on balance, symmetry and unity. As a result of this the jewellery in the Scenic Range not only looks good but feels good too!

The Scenic Range pieces begin their journey at the mine.

Once or twice a year we go out to the opal fields to collect the rough opal from the mines and bring it back to our workshop.

Processing opal in the workshop

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