Pocket guide to Queensland Boulder Opal

Welcome to the second edition of pocket guide to Queensland Boulder Opal a comprehensive guide to Australian Opals with a specific focus on Boulder Opal.

We have written the book from an insider perspective, having participated actively in the industry since 1982, to educate and inform the enthusiast who is wishing to learn more about this rare and precious gemstone.

We hope you find the book helpful and interesting.

Table of Content

The Opal Story
What is Opal?
Where is opal found?
Boulder Opal
Mining Boulder Opal
Cutting Boulder Opal
Valuing Boulder Opal
Opal Classification and care
The Scenic Range
Frequently asked questions
Metaphysical properties
Facts about Opal

Queensland Boulder opal rocks
Therese And Rick

By Therese and Rick


Our experience in the opal industry which spans over forty years buying, cutting and selling boulder opal has given us this knowledge which we wish to share with you.

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