Making boulder opal earrings

Making boulder opal earrings

1st Apr 2021

It is very difficult to find two opal that look the same.

Because of this it is very hard to find opal pairs in which to make earrings.

At Opal Art Global we specialize in cutting boulder opal and have developed a way to make boulder opal earrings.

1. Finding opal pairs involves processing many individual pieces in order to find sets of two opals with similar colour.


Image 1. Batch of semi processed boulder opal gemstones.

2. Once we have two opals that are similar in colour and size, we ‘dop’ (glue) them onto nails to make them easier to hold while working them on the machines.


Image 2. Opal pairs ready to be shaped into boulder opal earrings on grinder.

3. Next we take the opal pairs and shape them into earring stones.

Image 3. Shaped, sanded, and finished batch of boulder opal earring pairs.

4. The next step is to drill a small hole in the top of each opal so that we can assemble into earrings.


Image 4. Rick is the master boulder opal earring maker at Opal Art Global.

5. The finished product. All hand made by opal cutting specialist.


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