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People often ask us how opal is valued alluding to the fact that every opal is different.

The fact that no two opals are the same make opal a unique gemstone, but this uniqueness of piece makes opal an exceedingly difficult gemstone to value/price.

In our eBook – 9 step buying guide for Boulder Opal we walk you through the buying process through the chapter headings:

1. a) Get an orientation – look around and decide what type of opal you like and how you will use it i.e. to buy an opal set in jewellery, to buy and unset opal and make your own setting or to buy an unset stone for investment.

b)Know your seller – read reviews and get acquainted with the seller credentials.

  1. Get an education – learn as much as you can about opal so you can make an informed decision when the time comes to buy.
  1. Discover how the four key factors (colour, pattern, size, and type of opal) determine price.
  1. Know what you are buying – a solid, doublet or triplet and how it is finished – traditional finish or polytop finish.
  1. Learn how to care for your opal.
  1. For an in-depth look at how opal is valued and what a buyer should consider if purchasing an opal to make a defining piece of jewellery go to page 12.
  1. Study the opal up close – look for inclusions such as cracks, pits and crazing using light and close ups of digital images.
  1. Buying on a budget – reason for buying – to make an item of jewellery or for investment.
  1. Do the checklist, decide, buy, and enjoy.

We invite you to download the eBook and explore the above chapters in more detail.




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