What is a Bouler Opal Bolo Tie?

What is a Bouler Opal Bolo Tie?

Posted by Therese Evert on 11th May 2022

What is a Boulder Opal Bolo Tie?

A bolo tie is a type of leather braided cord with metal tips worn around the neck with a large ornamental fastening at the throat. The cord is fixed to the ornamental showpiece through a slide. In the case of a Boulder Opal Bolo Tie, the fixed ornamental showpiece is a piece of natural Boulder Opal.

A Boulder Opal Bolo Tie complete with braided cord and silver tips.

A Boulder Opal Bolo Tie in situ featuring a beautiful boulder opal as the ornamental centrepiece.

Origins and uses

The bolo tie is synonymous with Cowboy and Southwestern wear but in the modern era the bolo tie has emerged as a stand-alone fashion accessory that can be worn by anybody on any occasion.

At Opal Art Global we specialize in cutting Queensland Boulder Opal.

Boulder Opal is a type of opal that is found in rock. The opal is found in veins running through the rock. It is impossible to separate the opal from the rock, therefore when we cut the boulder opal it always has rock on the face or back of the opal piece.

Read more about boulder opal here:

When we make the Boulder Opal Bolo Ties, we look for “opal faces” that has good character. Boulder Opal is a very artistic type of opal with many different combinations of colour and pattern. It is not uncommon to see some extraordinary imagery in the boulder opal pieces we cut. A viewing of our store gallery will demonstrate this.

We make the Boulder Opal Bolo Ties by processing the raw opal on a saw. We cut off the opal face, shape it up, sand and finish it, then put a bolo tie slide fitting on the back.

Bolo backs. A simple slide (left) for smaller pieces and a larger slide (right) for larger pieces.

Bolo cords and tips. The bolo cord we use is soft and pliable with silver or gold base metal weighted tips attached.

Make a Statement on Style

The great thing about a Boulder Opal Bolo Tie is that it’s an original work of natural art. There is no other opal like it. The colour, the size, the shape; each bolo tie has its own unique look. Finding that special piece that fits with your style is the objective and remember that new pieces are always being added to the store inventory.

Simplicity is the key when it comes to a Boulder Opal Bolo Tie

The simplicity of setting is the key to the success of our Boulder Opal Bolo Tie range. The opal sits front and centre and commands the focus of the gaze. Finding that special piece is a matter of exploring the range here:

Boulder Opal Bolo Tie and Wedding wear

At Opal Art Global, we have noticed that there has been a strong interest in Boulder Opal Bolo Ties for wedding wear. And why not! It's a great way to smarten up a suit and make a statement on style.

Wear a Boulder Opal Bolo Tie anytime

A Boulder Opal Bolo Tie can be worn on formal or informal occasions.

Wearing a Boulder Opal Bolo Tie is a great way to stand out in the crowd, or you may just want to wear something different to the same old boring cloth tie. It could be just what you need to put a skip in your step. Be bold, be different. Be bolo.

Famous Bolo Faces

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