I fell in love with an OPAL

Aura and the pulling power of rocks

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the pulling power of rocks in an article titled “Kids love Rocks.”


In the article I discuss the attraction children have to rocks and the confession many adults make that they too loved rocks when they were young.

This got me thinking about aura, new age and the metaphysical.

While the sceptics are usually hard core there is always someone from that side of the argument who will break rank occasionally to confess “I don’t really believe in all that stuff but…”

Truthfully, we can’t help it.  

We belong to the natural world and as much as we turn our back on it, it does not turn its back on us.

Perhaps, the attraction, or the pulling power of rocks, reminds the adult of a time when they too were children and felt closer to the natural world.

When we are children, we’re more prone to day dreaming and idling away the time lying on our backs looking upward or on our tummy looking downward, musing on the natural world, its workings and how it came to be.

This internal force, or natural curious energy, reaches out to connect with some object in nature that is part of that time (childhood) e.g. rocks, and as the curious energy is transferred to the object the object responds back with its aura thus stimulating a sense of connection.

Aura by definition is: the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

Nothing is made out of thin air.

I love opalRocks are made of matter formed zillions of years, to arrive at their present place in time.

The rocks that host the boulder opal we cut here at Opal Art Global are ancient compared to the age of the opal (the SiO2nH2O solidified gel contained within the rocks).

It is argued that the opal component of boulder opal dates back 100 million years, the rocks however go back a lot further than that.

To hold such a rock is to hold its story in time, it’s aura, its DNA, its personality.

But, because we can’t see this aura, only feel/sense it, it is impossible to prove its existence hence you have believers and non-believers to these New Age ways of thinking.

From a personal point of view, I don’t seek the metaphysical out but every now and again I’ll see an opal and feel drawn to it.

It’s a special feeling of first, being drawn to the look of it (aesthetics) the color, the pattern, the picture in the gemstone and as soon as it has my attention, snap! it captures me with its aura.

Naturally, I fall in love and…

the rest is history!

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