I love opal because…I like style!


Tessa I Love Opal

Tessa – writer, business owner and opal lover.

Style. We’ve all got it.

The way we speak, the way we act, the way we dress, we all have our own personal style.

Personal style changes like the seasons as we move in and out of the various stages of our lives.

I’m into Boho at the moment.

Beautiful fabrics that hang in a free-flowing style, that speak volumes on comfort, age and maturity.

I love fashion, accessories and creating a look.

This opal, for example, goes perfectly with this outfit I wore to my friends party on the weekend.

The elegant shape, the way it hangs, long, simple and beautiful, it becomes the look.

The adjustable leather cord means I can wear it long or short.

For this shoot, I choose to wear it long but on a more formal occasion I would probably wear it high on the neck as a statement piece.

That’s the great thing about these Boulder Opal Necklaces they are just so versatile.

They not only look good but feel good too!

See the opal Tessa is wearing here:


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