The Legend of Opali

– an original story by Therese –

Opal the gemstone of creativity


We would like to invite you to read The Legend of Opali, an original story by Therese published in episode form on the website.

The heart of Opali is said to be the most beautiful opal in the world however it is more than just any other opal, it is the centrepiece of the planet Earth and lo and behold it has gone missing!

The quest to find it and return it to its rightful place in the core will save the planet from environmental destruction.

The Legend of Opali is a quest of epic proportion, in three parts, set in the Outback and on the Opal fields of Western Queensland.

Part 1: is set in the past and sets the scene for the loss of the Heart.

Part 2: is set in the present where the quest to find and return the Heart to the core begins in earnest, however, just when Daisy, the chosen one, is within a heartbeat away from removing the Heart from the wall of the opal mine, catastrophe strikes and the mission fails.

Part 3: is set in the future in a world that is literally frying from the heat of the sun. After the failed attempt to return the Heart to the core in Part 2 the environment is thrown into chaos when a nuclear bomb goes off in space and tips the balance. With not a drop of rain for ten years it’s up to Billy, Daisy’s son, and his best friend, a little dog called Woofie, to find and return the Heart to its rightful place in the core.

About the author:

Therese completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in English Literature from 2015 and sees herself as a stylist when it comes to writing fiction.

Written over a period of five years the Legend of Opali has been published in episode form on the website over the past year.

Therese is currently editing the Legend of Opali as a manuscript for a novel and hopes to have it published before the end of the year.

“It has been my dream to write this novel. I went to university to learn how to write and while I have written many short stories and poetry never anything as expansive as this. Writing the story as a serial (in parts) certainly helped it evolve. Every week we would publish an episode then broadcast it on social media for a group of regular readers to read. To have actual readers is a writer’s dream. As a writer you are ever conscious about how the work will be received so to have the opportunity to get it out there as it is being written is stellar to say the least and if the readers keep coming back for more then, it gives you the confidence to keep going. A big thank you to all the readers who gave me the encouragement to keep going.”

Hop on board and see for yourself by going to the Legend of Opali on the menu bar at the top of the home page or follow the link  https://opalartglobal.com/legend-of-opali/

Share the story if you enjoy it and feel the magic of opal – the gemstone of creativity.

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