Kids Love Boulder Opal Rocks

Mar 26, 2020 | Opal Talk

Kids love rocks

If I had a dollar for every time a child said to me “I love rocks,” I’d be a millionaire

You see, we used to sell at an open-air market every weekend before Corona and families would file past and admire the table of rocks we had on display out front.

Boulder Opal Rough Specimens


Rocks are great products to sell in an open-air market setting as they don’t mind being in the elements.

In fact, Boulder opal rocks love water and sunshine, something we’ve got plenty of up here in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia.

Many people walk past our market store and, more often than not, every second one will throw a passing glance, stop dead in their tracks, look again and zero in on the table.

“What type of rock is this?” they ask as they handle the boulder opal rocks.

Then, after a period of contemplation most add, “I used to love rocks when I was a kid.”

A mineral collection is usually the next topic of conversation and how it just disappeared one day and that was that! (Mum probably got sick of moving it around).

As the story is told, and the reflection made, the face of the story teller is ablaze with the ambiance of memory.

It seems, adults love rocks too, but forgot they did, and here in this moment they are reminded of a feeling they had about rocks when they were young.

Reflecting on these things I got to wondering why Human Beings are attracted to rocks, especially when young, and decided to explore the idea.

One way of looking at it is that rocks in general connect us to the natural world, the world of soil and water, the garden.

When we look at rocks we always look down and pick up.

When we look at rocks we don’t look up at the outer world of air and water

Rocks belong to the earth, the inner world.

I guess when people pick rocks up, they feel some sort of connection to time.

Some people can feel a rock and sense something special.

In the market setting we meet a lot of people who have beliefs and abilities that transcend our own so we are always open to hearing the stories from these enthusiasts.

Kids who love rocks, especially boulder opal rocks, should remember their passion when they get older and the time comes to enter into the working world.

Geology, earth sciences, opal cutting are all good fields to explore.

If you can make work your passion than you don’t have a job you have a purpose.

Next week we are going to explore the Boulder Opal Rock buying, sorting and selecting processes.

Thank you to all the young and once young rock lovers out there for making this story possible.

kids loves boulder opal rocks

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