Visit Opalton and dig of opal

Sep 19, 2019 | Opal Talk

We recently had the good fortune to visit the historical township of Opalton in Central Western Queensland.

Opalton was founded in 1888 and in just a few years boasted a population of six hundred people all involved in some way in the opal industry.

Unfortunately, a lack of water meant this population was not sustainable and Opalton became a ghost town by the end of World War One (1918).

Nowadays, the history of Opalton has been preserved by locals and is a great place to visit.

It is just one and a half hours drive out of Winton and visitors are encouraged to stay a few days at the Opalton Bush Camp and have a go at finding some ‘colour.’

The great thing about Opalton is that the area around Opalton Outpost (local store) is designated as a hand mining and fossicking area (as opposed to machine mining) so everyone can have a go!

1. Welcome to the historical township of Opalton!

3. Welcome to the Opalton Bush Camp

5. Hot showers

7. Even a shop!

2. Hand mining and fossicking only at Opalton.

4. Plenty of information

6. A modest fare

8. A sad reminder of the perils of the bush and a grim warning.
“… perished near here (28/12/1982)
Always carry water and matches
And don’t leave vehicle.”

The best time to visit the Queensland opal fields is from Easter to late September, outside of these times it’s just too hot!

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