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Boulder Opal Silver Jewelry

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7.20 Grams

Boulder Opal Silver Jewelry

The boulder pendant in the gallery above forms part of our Boulder Opal Silver Jewelry Range and is small to medium in size with a cool shape and nice opal aesthetic.

Green is the dominate color of the piece and contrasts strongly with the chocolate ironstone.

The Opal Art Global range of pendants are minimalist in design with no metal settings around the natural opal gemstone.

The design is in the opal and the piece shape.

The silver top on this pendant is minimal and gives the pendant versatility, to be worn on leather or chain, while still maintaining the 'stone only' concept.

The green opal color is a key defining feature of the pendant.  

Does the opals colour have meaning?

In color symbolism green is associated with money, employment and prosperity.

Put green in your life when there is a feeling of being restricted.

Harness the transforming power of natural gemstone energy through a boulder opal and feel the magic!

Learn more about opal meaning and healing properties here:  

This Pendant in the Boulder Opal Silver Jewelry range is a Queensland boulder Opal

Boulder opal is a unique type of Australian Opal that is found in Queensland.

Learn more about boulder opal here:

A good size to wear high on the neck as a choker, or to hang low on the chest as a touchstone, this pendant is for male, female, young or old.

In fact, Opal Art pendants are for everyone!

Rare, precious Boulder Opal, every piece is unique in its own right.

Found in Australia and part of the land itself.

Overview of this Boulder Opal Pendant

The boulder opal gemstone in this necklace is a solid opal which means it can be worn in water.

Learn more about solid opal here:

All the boulder opal pendants in the Opal Art Global jewelry range have been finished with a polytop (polymer seal) to protect the image and promote longevity.

Learn more about opal finish here:

The necklace will easily fit over your head as the leather cord has two slip knots that allows you to adjust the length, wear it low or high.

Opal Art is Nature's Art.  

The weights and measures of this Green Boulder Opal Necklace

Dimensions: 40x14x8 mm (LxWxD) 

Weight: 7.20 grams  

Free Freight, gift wrapping and 30 day returns

This small to medium solid boulder opal necklace will arrive gift wrapped accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a small comprehensive information booklet about OPAL.


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Get into opal and feel the magic!