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Green Solid Boulder Opal Earrings

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1.20 Grams

Green Solid Boulder Opal Earrings

The green solid boulder opal earrings featured in the gallery above are small, sweet and square.

That is to say, the opals in the earring pair are small, the overall effect sweet and the shape square.

On top of that, they're green!

In color symbolism Green aligns with the Heart Chakra.

The heart Chakra is associated with love, emotion and healing.

Put green in your life when you are feeling restricted or confined.

Learn more about opal meaning and healing properties here:

As opal pairs are hard to come by, because no two pieces are the same, these earrings are a rare offering.

Cutting Boulder Opal Earrings

At Opal Art Global we specialize in cutting Queensland Boulder Opal.

To clarify, we have both been cutting boulder opal since 1982.

Because we have been cutting boulder opal for many years we are always looking for new ideas to broaden our range.

As a result, we have come up with this exciting new small earring range.

Making Boulder Opal Earrings

Making the boulder opal earrings is a two stage process.

The first stage involves cutting the two opals.

As it is very hard to get two opals that look exactly the same we try to find opals that are similar in color and bring them together through shape, size and weight.

This style of opal cutting requires great expertise, a good eye and a keen desire to create something beautiful.

The second stage involves assembling the opals into the custom made silver setting.

To do this we drill a small hole in the opals and turn them into drop earrings using sterling silver wire, surgical steel posts and rhodium plated ball studs.

See how we make our boulder opal earrings here:

In sum, the earrings are totally handmade using solid natural opal and the highest quality materials.

Are the earrings heavy?


The earrings are lightweight making them easy to wear and therefore suitable for adult or teen.

Finally, to protect the opal and promote longevity the opals in the Opal Art earring range have been finished with a polytop (a polymer seal).

Learn more about opal finish here:

Weights and Measures

Dimensions: 13x9.50x4 mm (LxWxD)

Weight: 1.18/1.17 grams


Freight free, gift wrapping and 30 day returns

These green solid opal earrings will arrive gift wrapped accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a small comprehensive information booklet about OPAL.


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Get into opal and feel the magic!