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Large Polished Boulder Opal Specimen

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Large Polished Boulder Opal Specimen

The large polished boulder opal specimen featured in the gallery above is a gorgeous piece to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

Polished all over, and rounded in shape, this little beaty is very nice to hold.

It is also a good weight (and shape) to use as a paperweight or put on the dining table as a showpiece.  

What is Boulder Opal and where is it found?

Boulder opal is a type of Australian opal that is only found in outback Queensland.

Boulder opal is defined by the host rock the opal is found in.

It is argued that one hundred million years ago, SiO2nH2O (opal) flowed into the cracks and crevices of large weathered boulders, solidified and bonded with the rock to create this unique form of opal.

Because the rock/opal bond is naturally occurring boulder opal is regarded as SOLID opal.

Learn more about boulder opal here:

Made by Us

At Opal Art Global we specialize in cutting Queensland boulder opal, in fact, we only cut boulder opal.

Opal cutters since 1982 we are industry leaders when it comes to innovation and style.

Boulder opal is naturally a creative raw material and therefore lends itself to artistic interpretation.

In light of this we approach every piece of raw boulder opal that comes into the workshop for processing differently.

Cutting Polished Boulder Opal Mineral Specimens

The first step in processing boulder opal is sorting.

Sorting means dividing the raw opal into "cutters" and "specimen."

Specimens are further sorted into "raw" and "polished."

Learn more about sorting boulder opal rock here:

As polishing involves cutting and shaping the rock around the opal we look for specimens that have large and interesting opal faces.

Besides this, we consider the type of rock the opal presents in.

The host rock can vary from dense hard ironstone to light, porous sandstone, depending on where (location) it is found.

The hard ironstone is our first preference when it comes to making polished specimens as this type of rock gets the best finish.

Besides getting a great finish the hard ironstone is heavy in relation to size therefore making the specimen useful as a paperweight.

Uses and Care

Polished boulder opal mineral specimens make great gifts for all occasions; birthday, anniversary, retirement, housewarming, just to name a few :).

Care is as easy as - wash in water and dry with a soft cloth - however, avoid dropping on hard surfaces such as tiles.  

Weights and Measures

This large polished boulder opal specimen is a good size to use as a paperweight or show piece in home or office.

Dimensions: 108x64x44 mm (LxWxD)

Weight: 450 grams


Free Freight, gift wrapping, and 30-day returns...

This large polished boulder opal specimen will arrive securely boxed/gift wrapped with a certificate of authenticity and a small comprehensive information booklet about OPAL.

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