The Legend of Opali

An original story by Therese.

The heart of Opali is believed by many to be the most beautiful opal to exist.

Based on the legend that tells the story of Opali, a God whose essence has been trapped in the form of an opal, the heart becomes the centerpiece of a quest of epic proportions scanning the past, present and future.

Be part of the legend…

Episode One – Pitching the idea.

Pitching the idea.   A long, long time ago the earth was flat. It was in a time when Time itself had been captured by Space and imprisoned in the second dimension. Earth was like a piece of paper floating around in space with an upside and a downside. The two...

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Episode Two – Setting the stage.

Setting the stage. “I’m listening, How?” Providence asked, stepping forward, as Time found a seat for her to sit by his side. Time could not believe his luck, to have the undivided attention of the great one, and began to break out into a nervous sweat... Setting the...

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Episode Three – The Crossing

The Crossing. Legend of Opali “Don’t worry Time, the Gods that I have given you are a good pair; loyal, chaste, hard-working, dependable; especially chosen for this assignment they won’t let me down. And, might I add, no matter how hard you try, you little mischief...

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Episode Four – Keeping Promises

Keeping PromisesLike all arguments, someone had to win and Time being a priori, and thus gifted with the ability to be and do whatever, whenever it wanted, choose mischief and adventure over virtue and mediocrity. He did try to keep his word but it was IMPOSSIBLE!...

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Episode Five – Making Mischief

Making Mischief He could not forget her and this drove him almost to the point of madness. Suddenly in an environment that had not bothered him before, he became claustrophobic, then he started to complain about working all the time. The final straw came when he...

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Episode Six – Birth of the legend

Birth of the legend The exact time of the flight was unknown it would happen in the split second that a chunk of ice fell from a glacier and momentarily blocked the core (and axis). They waited and as they waited, he coached them on the pathway, the timing, the risks,...

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Part Two – Episode One – The Dream

The Dream The two scallywags perched behind the bushes and watched. “Not looking good,” whispered one to the other, looking up at the dark clouds blanketing the sky. “Shhh,” the other scolded, not taking his eyes off, not for one second, the clearing in front of them...

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Part Two – Episode Two – The Min Min Light

The Min Min Light So, like Noah preparing for the big flood they planned and plotted the art of kidnapping. When they were ready, willing and able, the snake came to them both again in a dream.   The Min Min Light He instructed them, “The first thing you have to...

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Part Two – Episode Three – Devil Town

Devil Town For one year after the old man had passed away the girl stayed in the cave and meditated. Nourished by the gods she moved into herself and turned into a stone sitting proudly on the floor of the cave. Undisturbed and in a deep state of trance she held this...

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Part Two – Episode Four – The Evil Lord Fang

The Evil Lord Fang The girl, who now stood in the center of the circle, looked out and realized she was surrounded by a pack of wolves out for the kill. “Heavens,” she thought, “I’m going to get eaten alive,” and on the back of that thought she used telepathy to sing...

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