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Australian Boulder Opal Rock

In the Australian boulder opal rock category, you will find a large selection of raw (or rough) boulder opal and polished boulder opal mineral specimens.

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Rare Raw Rock

Australian boulder opal rock is a raw material.

Boulder Opal Rock is obtained when miners extract large opal bearing rocks (boulders) from the walls of open cut mines in central western Queensland.

The opal mining industry in Australia is a very boutique industry and on a world scale very little raw boulder opal is mined. For this reason, it is regarded as rare.

Boulder Opal Rock Cutters

As boulder opal cutters we rely on the miners for raw material to cut.

When we need raw boulder opal to cut, we travel out to the opal fields and “pick up” the opal bearing rocks from the “dumps” at the mine site.

Most of the raw opal we collect, we cut into jewelry, but sometimes, we find pieces that have good mineral specimen qualities and these list in the Australian Rough Boulder Opal category.

Polishing Boulder Opal Rock

Because the rock the opal is found in is dense and hard the boulder opal rocks lend themselves to being polished.

Some rocks are dense, hard ironstones and others are porous, softer sandstones.

Hard rocks get a high gloss finish, softer rocks, less so.

Experts can tell where (exact location) an opal is from by looking at the host rock.

We pride ourselves on the finish we get on the polished boulder opal specimens in the boulder opal rock range.

Use Value

What do you do with these?

A common question.

Boulder opal rocks are for people who love rocks.

The raw specimens suit the collector who like the natural look/feel.

The polished specimens suit the collector who likes a more tactile experience.

Handling and Care

The raw boulder opal rocks love the outdoors. They are as happy in the sun as they are in the shade and make a great display piece on the front porch or in the garden.

Clean with soft scrubbing brush and water.

The polished boulder opal rocks can be cleaned with weak detergent and water and dried with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid dropping on tiled floor or similar surfaces.

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