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Australian Boulder Opal Jewellery

In the Australian boulder opal jewellery category of our store you will find a large diverse range of Boulder Opal Jewellery made by us in our workshop in Gordonvale, North Queensland, Australia.

Our range includes necklaces, earrings and bolo ties.

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Opal Cutters Extraordinaire

At Opal Art Global we specialize in cutting Australian Boulder Opal. We cut every piece of boulder opal individually to give it the style that defines our range. Every single piece of opal art jewellery in our range has been crafted from a raw mineral specimen, sourced by us from the opal fields, into a unique one of a kind wearable work of art.

Indeed, Opal Art is Nature’s Art.

How do We Make Boulder Opal Jewellery?

Once we cut the raw Boulder Opal into a unique gemstone, we still need to craft it into a piece of jewellery, or wearable art.

In the past, Australian Boulder Opal Jewellery was always custom made by a qualified jeweller but sometimes customers don’t want their opal set in a classic setting or something large and elaborate. Sometimes customers just want their opal to be set plain.

In response to this, we came up with the idea of drilling a small hole into the opal and making a setting from there.

Our style of jewellery is minimalist, unisex, organic and ageless.

Defining the Australian Boulder Opal Jewellery Range

We custom make all the sterling silver settings in the store and all designs are exclusively ours.

We use the highest quality materials when crafting the boulder opal jewellery. For the necklaces we use sterling silver wire and Greek leather. Greek leather is renowned for its quality.

For the earrings we use sterling silver twists with surgical steel posts.

The bolo ties come ready to wear with a complimentary plaited imitation leather cord with shiny silver tips.

Made by Us

All the Opal Art Global jewellery is made by us – Rick and Therese, Australian Boulder Opal cutters since 1982.

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