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Australian Boulder Opal Necklaces

Our Australian boulder opal necklaces provide a gallery of color, shape, and size.

The artist, Nature, continually makes one off originals. We, the cutters, see ourselves as framers.

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Our Australian boulder opal necklaces are cut from the boulder opal, which is mined in Queensland Australia, where there once was an inland sea. The boulder opal is formed from the mineral silica which bonds with water molecules and deposits in ironstone/sandstone.

The Australian boulder opal is characterised by the combination of opal and rock. The opal appears as veins in sandstone / ironstone composite rocks or boulders.

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What Characterises our Australian Boulder Opal Necklaces?

The Australian Boulder Opal necklaces in the Opal Art Global Jewellery range are not in the classic mould of most opal jewellery.

Our original design handmade necklaces are simple, earthy and minimalistic giving them a “look” that is as much about fashion as it is about being a gemstone.

The combination of the rock (ironstone/sandstone) and the opal, which is trapped within the rock, contrasts with great effect, combined with the colour and pattern of the opal: imagery is abundant.

What comprises an Australian boulder opal necklace?

The pendant is ‘a stone only’ by design. The boulder opal stone has a hole drilled from front to back which is used to attach a leather cord (necklace). We use the best quality Greek leather. The leather is knotted onto the stone. Two slip knots are attached with the ends of the cord allowing you to adjust the length hence wear the pendant low or high.

The Australian boulder opal necklaces overview

Our necklaces are solid boulder opals with a diverse array of colour and shape allowing for flexibility in wear and occasion. Opal care encompasses wiping with a soft cloth and non-aggressive wear. You can swim or bathe with your Australian Boulder Opal Necklace on.

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