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Unset Boulder Opal Gemstones

In the unset boulder opal gemstone category, you will find a large range of good quality boulder opal ‘free forms’ – unset gemstones – suitable for setting into jewelry.

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Another name for unset boulder opal gemstones is – cut stone. Cut stone is graded and valued either as a piece price or price per carat according to color.

How is opal valued, graded and sold?

Opal is valued on color, pattern and size.

When it comes to boulder opal the most valuable color is ‘black red.’ Black in this case refers to the depth of color. ‘Black Reds’ are rare and valuable.

Black greens rank next and so on.

If an opal has an interesting pattern like ‘pinfire’ ‘block’ ‘harlequin’ ‘Chinese writing’ it’s value will also go up.

Size is the deciding factor.

It is a lot easier to get many small bright stones than one large bright one and for this reason larger ‘clean’ stones (without inclusions) are hard to come by and eagerly sought.

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Uses for unset boulder opal gemstones

Unset boulder opal gemstones make great designer jewelry.

The unset boulder opal gemstones are for the hobbyist jeweler, to the competition entrant, to the designer jewelry lover or the collector.

Choosing the right unset boulder opal to be made into jewelry needs some careful consideration.

Size, type of setting (bezel/claw) and purpose (dress or everyday wear) are things one must consider when choosing an unset solid boulder opal to set into jewelry.

Natural Opal

All the unset boulder opal gemstones in this category are solid opals which means they are natural gemstones that can be worn in water.

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