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Green Unset Boulder Opal Gemstone


Green unset boulder opal gemstone for defining natural gemstone jewelry. Top quality free shape Australian opal gemstone for designer setting. Wt: 10.30 ct

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Green Unset Boulder Opal Gemstone

The green unset boulder opal gemstone featured in the gallery above has it all when it comes to color, shape and size.

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To clarify, the color is green, the shape a free form square, and the size, medium to large.

Made by us

At Opal Art Global we only cut Queensland Boulder Opal.

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All the unset boulder opal gemstones displayed in the store have been cut by us in our workshop in North Queensland.

Furthermore, all the unset boulder opal gemstones in the collection have been cut in the traditional way, using sandpaper and tin oxide to polish.

In other words, all the unset opal gemstones in our store are solid opals with a natural finish.

A solid opal can be worn in water.

Learn more about solid opals here:


Buy direct.

We travel out to the opal fields and buy the rough opal from the mines, bring it back to our workshop on the coast and cut into gemstones.

In short, with no middleman, when you buy from us you are dealing directly with the source/makers.

Valuing Unset Opal Gemstones

Opal is valued on color, pattern and size.

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When it comes to opal, some colors are more rare than others hence the rarer the color the higher the value.

Generally speaking, red is the rarest color, then green, then blue.

However, there are many variations of red, green and blue, therefore grading is a necessary step when valuing unset opal gemstones.

Pattern refers to how the opal colors are arranged.

The name of the pattern e.g. pin fire, block, harlequin, Chinese writing, describes the way in which the opal color presents.

Size, the third key factor in determining price/value, relates to the amount of color and complexity of pattern.

Large gemstones with good color and complex patterns are more valuable then small gemstones with good color and less complex patterns.

Unset boulder opals are priced by carat weight (so much a carat) or piece price.

Opal prices also reflect availability and demand.

Experts who have worked with Boulder Opal over a long period of time set the value to meet the market.

Learn more about valuing unset opal here: https://opalartglobal.com/buying-opals-in-australia-9-step-buying-guide-for-boulder-opal/

Origins and use

This gemstone originates from Winton, western Queensland.

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The Winton opal fields are renowned for opals with dark colors and complex patterns.

This unset opal gemstone (free form) is suitable for custom made jewelry.

Set in silver or gold, claw or bezel; the options are endless.

Weights and Measures

The green unset boulder opal gemstone is a good size to set in a ring, pendant, brooch or other.

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Dimensions: 15x13x4 mm (LxWxD)

Weight:  9.95 ct



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This green unset boulder opal gemstone will arrive gift wrapped accompanied by a comprehensive information booklet about OPAL.





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