Large Polished Australian Opal Mineral Specimen; Boulder Opal; One Only


This large polished boulder opal mineral specimen makes a great paper weight, talking point or showpiece. An ideal gift for someone who has everything!

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At a glance:

  • Polished boulder opal mineral specimen.
  • Hand crafted, blue color, paper weight or showpiece
  • Large, artistic, original.

In detail:

The solid Queensland boulder opal mineral specimen featured in the gallery above is a unique piece that has been shaped and polished by hand.

The defining features of this specimen are:

  • Size – the specimen is large in that it has size and weight. (see weight and dimensions below)
  • Form – the artistic free form shape of this specimen is designed to showcase the good show of opal color on top.
  • Aesthetics – the shape of this specimen draws the eye to the blue opal face.
  • Use – this specimen is suitable for a paper weight or show piece in the house or in the window of a store.

Boulder opal is unique type of opal that comes from Queensland.

Learn more about types of opal here:

This boulder opal mineral specimen is from Quilpie, South West of Queensland.

At Opal Art Global, we have been cutting and polishing opal for over thirty five years specializing in Queensland boulder opal.

We travel out to the mines to buy the raw opal and bring it back to our workshop on the coast to sort, process and cut into the various products showcased in the store.

Learn more about us here:

When we cut and polish a boulder opal mineral specimen we endeavor to shape the rock around the opal to create an artistic rock sculpture.

Each polished boulder opal mineral specimen is an original.

The boulder opal specimen above has been cut and polished the traditional way by using diamond saws and grinders to break the piece down (and shape).
Once shaped we then use wet and dry sandpaper, of varying grits, to achieve a pre-polish.
The final stage is to polish on a leather wheel using tin oxide powder.
The objective of polishing is to remove all the scratches and give the piece a smooth finish.

Learn more about cutting boulder opal here:

This specimen is large enough, and sits flat enough, to make a great paperweight, talking point or feature piece in the showroom window of a store.

Because the specimen is polished all over and has a good weight it is nice to handle (tactile). For this reason, polished boulder opal specimens not only look good but feel good too!

– Length (left to right):  100mm
– Width (front to back): 60mm
– Depth (top to bottom):35mm

*Measurements are approximate and correspond with the first image in the gallery.

Weight: 375 gram

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia.

The specimen will arrived boxed with a small information booklet on Boulder Opal.

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