Cascading Green Opal Pendant


This prestige boulder opal pendant is all about green. In color symbolism green is associated with luck, money and renewal. Get into green with a green boulder opal.

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Cascading Green Opal Pendant

The Cascading Green Opal Pendant featured in the gallery above is a large gemstone with a stunning shape and a good show of gem grade green.

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The green in this pendant is classed as gem grade ‘black’ green because of its depth and complexity of color.

Learn more about Opal Value here:

Shape is a defining feature of the Opal Art Global jewelry range.

When we cut the Opal Art pendants we shape them to show the opal off at its artistic best mindful of symmetry, balance and unity.

Each boulder opal pendant in the Opal Art Global jewelry range is an original handcrafted work of wearable art.

The adjustable length leather allows you to wear the pendant high on the neck as a choker, or low on the chest as a touchstone, this pendant is definitely an original.

This Unisex Boulder Opal Necklace is from Australia, part of the land itself.

Opal Art pendants cross age and gender, its all about making a connection.


Five defining features of an Opal Art pendant.

Every pendant is

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  1. handcrafted by experienced cutters – Rick & Therese
  2. cut to present the opal at its artistic best.
  3. finished with a polytop (polymer seal) to promote longevity.
  4. hung on adjustable length Greek leather; the best there is.
  5. unique in it’s presence of piece.

Metaphysical properties of Opal

– Opal fosters creativity – Opal heightens the inner passions – Opal balances emotion – Opal is the stone of renewal

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Overview of your Boulder Opal Pendant – Cascading Green Opal Pendant

The boulder opal gemstone in your necklace is a solid opal and can be worn in water. Learn more about solid opal here

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All the boulder opal pendants in the Opal Art Global jewelry range have been finished with a polytop (polymer seal) making them more robust while protecting the image and promoting longevity. Learn more about opal finish here:

The necklace will easily fit over your head as the leather cord has two slip knots that allows you to adjust the length, wear it low or high.

Opal Art is Nature’s Art.


The weights and measures of your Boulder Opal Necklace

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Dimensions: 49x29x10 mm (LxWxD) ; Weight: 22.65 gram


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