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Raw Opal for Cutting or Craft

750.00 Grams
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Boulder Parcel
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Raw Opal for Cutting or Craft

The raw opal for cutting or craft featured in the gallery above is a parcel of 100+ pieces of semi-processed boulder opal.

Hand-selected every piece has opal in it.  

Queensland Boulder Opal

When it comes to Australian opal, Boulder opal is a type of opal that is only found in Queensland.

The key defining feature of Queensland Boulder Opal is the host rock the opal is found in.

To explain the opal formation event, the most popular theory argues that one hundred million years ago a large shallow inland sea covered one-third of the Australian continent.

The theory holds that the topography around the inland sea was rich in silica.

Over time particles of this silica washed into the sea and bonded with water to form a gel-like substance called hydrated silica or OPAL.

Consequently, the gel flowed into the cracks and crevices of faults and large weathered boulders lying on the ocean floor to create what we now know as Boulder Opal.

Learn more about Boulder Opal here:

Boulder Opal Specialist

At Opal Art Global we specialize in Queensland Boulder Opal.

Basically, we travel out to the opal fields and buy the raw opal from the mines.

We bring the opal back to our workshop on the coast to sort and process.

Learn more about sorting raw boulder opal here:

As boulder opal cutters we are constantly sorting the opal as we process on it on the saw.

The opals in this parcel are semi-processed in that most of the excess rock has been removed.

This is a good thing as it reduces bulk and the amount of work required to process each piece.

In other words with these pieces, you know what you're getting.

Weights and Measures

Weight: 750 grams or 26.45 ounces    


Free Freight, gift wrapping, and 30-day returns 

This raw opal for cutting or craft will arrive securely boxed/gift wrapped with a certificate of authenticity and a small comprehensive information booklet about OPAL.

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Get into opal and feel the magic!


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