Gorgeous Boulder Opal Earrings

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Gorgeous Boulder Opal Earrings

The gorgeous boulder opal earrings featured in the gallery above are just perfect when it comes to colour, shape and size!

To clarify, the colour is blue, the shape, ovals and the size, medium to large.

View a video of these stunning boulder opal earrings here:

Made by Us:

At Opal Art Global we specialize in cutting Queensland Boulder Opal.

That is to say, all the opals in our jewellery range have been cut by us - Rick and Therese - by hand and eye.

The processes involved in cutting boulder opal pairs are highly specialized and therefore require great expertise.

Certainly, this is something we're not short on at Opal Art Global since we've both been cutting opal since 1982.

As industry leaders in innovative opal jewellery design and cutting our jewellery is, without a doubt, cutting edge.

In short, if you buy from us you are not only buying a totally unique product but you are dealing directly with the makers.

Making Boulder Opal Earrings

Above all else, our jewellery is original.

Take this pair, for example.

We make the earrings in two stages.

Firstly, we cut the opals.

In this instance, the opals have been cut into two ovals.

The second stage of making the earrings is assembly.

To assemble we drill a very small hole in each opal and use sterling silver wire to attach the rhodium-plated ball studs with surgical steel posts (nonallergenic) to make the original design setting.

To further protect the opal and promote longevity, we finish the boulder opal gemstone pair with a polytop (a polymer seal).

The polytop finish sets our range apart.

Because opal picks up light through movement the drop style of setting is a great way to get the most out of your opal.

See how we make boulder opal earrings here:

In sum, the earrings are wholly handmade using natural opal and the highest quality materials.

Weights and Measures

At a weight of 8 grams each, these earrings are medium to large in size.

Not too big, not too small.

In short, these gorgeous boulder opal earrings are large enough to make an impression but not so large as to be uncomfortable to wear.

Dimensions: 31x25x6 mm (LxWxD)

Weight: 8 grams each.    


Freight free, gift wrapping and 30 day returns...

These gorgeous boulder opal earrings will arrive gift wrapped accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a small comprehensive information booklet about OPAL.

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